Monsieur Cocktail

The Art of Cocktail as you've never seen it! Discover the world of mixology of Monsieur Cocktail with our sommeliers.

What is a mixology workshop?

Want to bring the Mixology School experience to your home or to your employees? One of our sommelier arrives at your home or office with tool bags, lesson guides for students, and all the alcohols and ingredients necessary for the activity. 

Whether it’s cocktail 101 or theme (Club Med, Mad Men, Sex and the City) it’s the ideal gift or team building activity par excellence.   
Mr. Cocktail is a crazy idea: what if everyone was entitled to it? And if our mojitos were finally good and simple and easy to do, no matter where you want to drink? And if what mattered most was the cocktail moment? We are entitled to good food every day, why can not we get a good drink, with or without alcohol? Why can’t we just enjoy the moment?
Patrice Plante, aka Monsieur Cocktail


Teambuilding: Mixology Competition

Course of the activity:

– Welcome drinks
– Basic course of mixology
– Rules of the competition
– Each team receives a bottle of alcohol and has access to a basket of ingredients. They have to create an original cocktail and find a name for it. They prepare a cocktail by judge
– Presentation of cocktails created by each team
– Deliberation of the judges. Enjoy the moment for another little cocktail with friends
– The winning team receives its prize, a succulent Sir Cocktail syrup

Cocktail evaluation criteria:
• Taste
• Presentation
• Originality

Mixology Competition - PDF

Club Med Workshop

Nothing beats the image of a sandy beach, a bright sun, a blue sea and a strawberry Daiquiri.

Still, we need to go beyond the exotic mixes made with concentrated juices and open the doors of the true South, that of Ernest Hemingway and Havana, with its refined rum cocktails, perfect to cool off under the rays of summer.

• Strawberry or Rasberry Daiquiri
• Brown Rhum Mojito

Club Med - PDF

Mad Men Workshop

Wall Street. Three-piece suits, cigars, jazz and elegant cocktails enjoyed as an aperitif as well as during a meal.

Through this workshop, relive the 60s and the charm of New York at the time of lobbying, advertising companies and bow ties. Dive into the art of skillfully crafted classic cocktails, where spirits, not juice, have all the honors.

• Season’s Dry Martini
• Old Fashioned

Madmen - PDF

Sex and the City Workshop

Inspired by the American television series created by Darren Star, this workshop offers cocktails that reflect the sentimental relationships of four New York friends, in their thirties and single.

We discover among other things the famous Cosmopolitan drink that the characters are so fond of! Although its origin is played between gay bars of the 80s, the company Ocean Spray (with its vaguely similar recipe printed on cranberry juice labels) and a variant of the Daisy drink (in the same sour family), we can clearly pinpoint the moment when it became a classic: when Samantha, from the Sex and the City series, commissions one at the bar.

• Clover Club (gin and raspberries)
• Cosmopolitan

Sex and the City - PDF

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