Bianca Theriault

Sommelier - Host

It is through her travels around the world that Bianca has discovered her passion for wine and flavors.

When she was working in New Zealand, in the region of Otago, she fell in love with the many vineyards of the region. She became interested in the world of cocktails, which she discovered while working in Mexico in a typical bar of the area. From Thailand to Mexico, each traditional dish she discovered contained a harmony of flavors that fascinated her ever more. Back in Quebec, still in search of new knowledge, she turned her attention to coffee. And it was by working in a specialized coffee shop and training that she discovered the many facets of coffee.

Bianca travelled towards Western Canada, where she experimented with grape harvesting. An epicurean and curious by nature, she discovered not only a whole new variety of grapes, but also a real passion for the wine estate. Since then, her passion for wines and Quebec beers has grown steadily.  Whether it’s a Vegas Tasting, a Savori 101 workshop, a private party or a corporate get-together, demystifying wine and beer has never been so entertaining and easy than with Bianca!

Looking Forward in Hosting with you! Cheers!

Diploma – WSET L3

Several trainings related to beers and spirits