Jessica Harnois

Sommelier – Host – Speaker

Sommelier, speaker and entrepreneur, Jessica Harnois is now a well-known public figure in the business field and an influential leader in the Quebec and international wine industry.


2019 Quebec Businesswoman Award
Small Business Category – 25 employees and less

From a very young age, Jessica learns to use her nose, which will later evolve into an early career in the restaurant business. She has worked for major institutions around the world, such as Toqué in Montreal, Charlie Trotter’s in Chicago, and Tetsuya’s in Sydney.

Back in Montreal, she becomes the sommelier manager at the restaurant Globe, but soon after the professional experience, she is offered the position of sommelier-in-chief buyer of prestigious wines for the SAQ Signature banner of the liquor board commission in Québec. She will also take care of the Courrier Vinicole and become responsible for the prestigious cellar of the SAQ, which holds more than 75,000 bottles for collection.

She will also chair the Canadian Association of Professional Sommeliers (ASCP), and will be Vice President of the Pan American Sommelier Alliance (APAS). Becoming one of the few women to chair a national association of sommelier.

In addition, she conceptualized the popular range of Bù wines, sold over 8 million bottles up to date, and available in grocery stores all over Québec.

Since September 2019, Jessica has launched the VIN MYSTERY board game for everyone

Looking Forward in Hosting with you! Cheers!

MBA at the ESG of UQAM & the University of Paris-Dauphine

Bachelor degree in communications at UQAM

Bar certification – ITHQ  

ASP professional sommelier – École hôtelière de Laval