Vins au Feminin was born of a desire to make the world of
sommeliers accessible while promoting the presence of women in
this industry.

Foundation of the agency

An initiative of the sommelier Jessica Harnois.

As a sommelier, what inspires me the most is to educate the world of wine, beer and spirits by offering fun events or training courses to make the whole industry less elitist and more accessible to everyone.

For some years now, the universe of sommeliers has seduced adults of all ages. Due to the great demand for hosting events, both corporate and private, I have formed a team of experienced and passionate sommeliers who each have their expertise. Together, we form the agency Vins au féminin.

Our team now serves more than 21 regions in Quebec and more is to come!

A sequel initiated by Manoushka Ross

After 18 years working for international modeling agencies, in 2013 I met the renowned sommelier Jessica Harnois. Quickly, we united our complementary strengths for this project.

Customer service is my trademark: innovate, create unforgettable evenings and respect customers’ budgets! Our customers are completely satisfied and appreciate our warm and accessible service.

As an event company, Vins au feminine, in 2020 had to surpass itself and adjust to the new reality! We have thus innovated and added virtual tasting services and we are proud to soon offer online training workshops for the general public. To date Vins au feminine is a team of 9 sommeliers and more than 150 events per year. Together, we form the sommelier agency Wines for women!

Our hosts

Headed Manoushka Ross, president and booking agent, the Vins au Féminin sommeliers and experts are recognized internationally. This team is passionate and specialized in hosting event experiences. They are the cream of the crop in the industry.

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President and booking agent
514 792-9680manoushka@vinsaufeminin.com


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President and booking agent
514 792-9680

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      You want to get more information about our services, make a reservation or just give us your recommendations; we are here at your service!
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